Recent Watertite Roofing Projects

  • Hamilton Wentworth Teacher’s Union:

    The staff at Hamilton-Wentworth Teacher’s Local 105 had endured multiple recurring roof leaks. Their steel roof had passed its service life and required a new waterproofing solution. The steel ridge cap had contorted and warped from years of expansion and contraction. (Refer to Pic #1).This created large gaps along the seams of the ridge cap where rain and thawing snow were penetrating the roof envelope (Refer to Pic ...
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  • Shaw Festival Theatre:

    Watertite Roofing was approached by Shaw Festival Theatre to provide a solution for their leaking metal roofs. Upon inspection, they discovered that many of the fasteners that were securing the roof were popping or had popped entirely out leaving holes for water to leak into the building (Refer to Pic #1). There were also cracks and crimps through the sheet metal roofing with gaping slits where precipitation was leaking through t...
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